I'm Lika


I'm probably drinking coffee as you are reading this. The good kind. Hand ground and made in a V60. (snob I know)

I tend to greet dogs before I greet people,   I read, a lot, and when I'm not spending my weekends as a professional third wheel, you will find me trying to not kill my house plants, drinking wine with my husband, watching friends reruns and staring at the sunset (like no jokes, we do this a lot)


This is 

This is 


They make up like 90% of my instagram stories

"hey - your photos are pretty good, will you take some photos of us?"

The words that started it all

Which lead to a leap of faith

and now, I can't imagine doing anything else

that started with a small facebook page

Which had led to the greatest adventure

many roadtrips and meeting some of the coolest people ever

find a dirt road that we don’t like, a playlist that is too long, and a sunset that we can’t stare at until the stars come out….

I harmonise to almost every song I sing,

Jesus is my everything

and I love ending my day with a glass of wine and a cuddle with my husband

we have yet to

my heart for you

is to serve you with an experience

I know what it's like to be on the other side, to be a bride, and I don't take the responsibility of your memories lightly. 
I pour my heart and soul into every wedding I shoot.

You're not just a number on my calendar and I’m not just a random person with a camera showing up on your wedding day (if that’s what you’re looking for- I’m not for you) I show up as a friend.

I want to SERVE you with all I've got, I want you to be comfortable with me so that I CAN get those candid, beautiful, UNFORGETTABLE and unique moments.

because memories matter.
Marriage matters.



I'm Lika

Fur mom, Destination wedding photographer,  and business educator

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