I'm Lika

Hi Friend,

I'm  a full time wedding photographer, business educator and soon to me mama.

Currently VERY into: slow morning coffee, and home DIY projects  creating a life more beautiful in real life than on social media.

Introverting since the 80's

Life wasn't always like this.
Before the destination weddings and photography workshops and online courses...

You would have found me at the front of the classroom, teaching learners with special needs.

And although there were parts of my job that I truly loved, my creative self longed for something else.

At the age of 29, a friend of mine approached me and asked me to take some photos of her and her husband.

Little did I know how far reaching that 'yes, of course' would be.

Nowadays you can find me working from my home office, looking out at our garden as my husband and I build up our  first house. My two golden retriever pups are snuggling on their pillows at my feet, and my heart is bursting with how much things have changed, and how dreams can come true.


You can find me sipping a cup of coffee, while I edit a beautiful gallery and dream up ways I can help other woman get from where they are, to where they want to be...

Do you know what lights me up?

Enabling human connection

When I am photographing a couple or documenting a wedding day, my heart beats for real, connected moments.

Moments that tell stories and  capture what a wedding day felt like. But, more than taking killer photos, I love to create a safe space where my couples can be themselves. Creating space for side splitting joy and tear jerking intimacy. 
So that they have more than killer photos, but connected and meaningful memories.

Photo's that contribute to their legacy.

Empowering female creatives  

To own their unique voice, because that is what the world need from them.

Your unique skillset, passion and  and ability is the very thing that helps you to make an impact on the world around you.

I love helping women move away from comparison and doubt and step into what they are called to do, one imperfect step at a time.

From newbie to pro

but that's not all, I love

get to know me

1. Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere 'off the grid' with mountains

2. Most likely to binge watch.

1. The office
2. Gimlore girls
3. Friends

3. Would you rather go a year without coffee or wine?

wine (it's better for everyone
if I don't give up coffee ;)

4. Favourite downtime activity?

5. Go-to outfit

1. basically anything with sneakers
2. Dresses
3. Leggings and t-shirts

4. Favourite downtime activity?


4. If you could only eat one thing forever, what would it be?

Somehting with greens - like a Salmon Poke Bowl 

Just a few of my favourite things

From tech-savvy software that helps me to work smarter, not harder, to small daily joys that help me to thrive, these are my tried and tested favourites that make working for myself all the easier

refill your coffee and let's dig in

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I'm Lika

Photographer, Educator, mom-to-be.
I teach photographers to invite  connection into their work and build businesses they love.
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