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I know I don’t need to tell you how big a deal it is to book your wedding photographer. After all, your wedding photos are all that is left over from your wedding. You don’t need to consider a 1000 things. Here are 3 essential things, I believe, you need to consider when hiring your […]

3 Things to ask yourself before hiring your wedding photographer

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Okay, so I want to let yo in on a little secret, you ready?

It’s not a natural thing to be photographed.

So if you are nervous, or freaked out – that’s totally normal!!

How to get the most out of your couple shoot

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Okay, so turns out this post was harder to write than I though. Why? Because beauty is a really big deal. Getting married is a pretty big deal! And when it comes down to it – choosing a wedding dress is where those two longing meet up. Where our desire to feel and look our […]

What they didn’t tell you about your wedding dress

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Whether it’s a light drizzle, or a torrential downpour, rain on a wedding day can cause all sorts of havoc. I’ve seen it completely throw an outdoor wedding off course, and disrupt many a couple shoot- and it’s fairly safe to say that most brides don’t exactly pray for their wedding day to be rained […]

Raining on your parade? What to do when it rains on your wedding day.

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Contrary to popular belief- you don’t actually need a big reason, or excuse to book a couple shoot with a photographer. Yes, big anniversaries and engagements are EPIC reasons to do one- but going for a couple shoot doesn’t always have to be coupled by a big and important milestone. CELEBRATE THE SEASON YOU ARE […]

Why you should definitely do a couple shoot

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Words carry so much weight. They can build up, tear down and ultimately have an effect on the trajectory of our lives. The Bible says that in the power of your tongue lies life and death. We can speak something to live, or plunder it to death with our words. (Ain’t that the truth!) This […]

How to write sincere and authentic wedding vows

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Who knew, that planning a wedding requires you to magically turn into a wedding coordinator, designer, project manager and sometimes even a florist? Now, I LOVE Pinterest – and it’s my go-to when I need home, event or design Inso, but FLIP, can it be overwhelming sometime. I love lists, plans and working towards clear […]

How to plan an intentional wedding


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