moments matter

creating a client experience that goes deeper than jaw dropping imagery - but is dripping with significance and meaning.

as photographers, our work goes so much deeper than "just taking photos"

We get to document some of the most epic and special moments in a couples life.

Creating imagery that growns more meaningful over time, that is real, raw and connected,leaving clients with more than just pretty photos, but with an unforgettable experience is what connect is all about.

People are their best when they can be themselves, and that's the hardest thing to do as photographers.

Feeling like you keep using the same old generic prompts and poses EVERYTIME?

Feeling like it's all up to you, to 'get that emotive shot' and feeling burned out and exhausted to 'perform' for your clients?

Getting the guy on board is a real struggle, and those real and candid moments are just not happening for you.

YOU CRAVE MORE - you crave more depth and connection in your work, and you want to create imagery that isn't fake , fabricated or posed, but HONEST, EMOTIVE AND CONNECTED.

learnt so much not only about photography but how to connect with people and why I started this journey into wedding photography.  I would recommend it to anyone, whether you're a beginner or a pro in the field - the level of connection in this workshop is remarkable!

- Bronwyn

The Connect workshop went far beyond my expectations - I'm a better photographer and storyteller for it.

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If you have photographed a few weddings/couples and are feeling like you've hit a plateau in getting people to genuinely connect with one another in front of the camera, please do yourself a favour and book yourself a spot!

Lika is an educator at heart- the information was succinct, with great practical take aways that have made an immediate difference in my business. That, and also incredibly deep, backed up by her years of reading and experience in capturing all sorts of people in love. The knowledge she shared was unlike anything I have ever come across before- and I've trawled the internet for wedding photography education. I feel a new confidence in my ability to photograph human connection like never before.

- Natasha

What will we cover in connect?

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the mindset behind connection

It's not a very natural thing to be photogrpaher, so how the heck to we get natural photos?

No two people are the same and there are no formulas for people.
Real emotion and connection can't be faked -  so we start off by looking at the mindset behind connection and what we can do to create a space where real emotion and connection can take place.



setting the tone, pace and expectation for a shoot

Learn what to say, and how to say it, in order to  prepare your clients for a photoshoot, so that when they show up, they are already connected open minded and excited for the photoshoot.


Environment and personality

Learn how to work with different personality types (honouring both introverts and extroverts).
Working with different location (We all know that not all venues or locations are the same - some are harder than others)


during the shoot

How to set the pace and expectation for the shoot in the first 10 minutes.

How to hold space for real emotion. 
How to invite joy and intimacy into a photoshoot.
The importance and place of movement.
The balance between direction and distraction - how much should you actually direct when it comes to real moments.

Composition, Lighting and Gear choices.

Working with group and individual photos

Inviting connection and real emotion into group photos.

How to pose individuals for portrait photos.



two bonus modules

To help you rock your client experience before, and after your photoshoot.

No portfolio, no problem - how to get started when you are brand new.

How to setup successful styled shoots that convert into future bookings, and how to  fill your calendar with shoots.


How much is it?

15 jam packed lessons 
lifetime access (which includes any new materials added)
2 bonus modules

R4500 / $280 

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You badass!!!!
Can't wait to meet you and see how you are going to grow!!!

This course is for you, if

you crave more from you couple shoots. more depth and emotion (instead of random prompts and poses)

you want to learn how to set clients at ease, set expectations and elevate your client experience before, during and after a shoot

You are tired of feeling like 'it's all up to you' to 'get that shot' or entertain your clients

You want to learn to hold space for side splitting joy and tear jerking intimacy


I'm Lika

more about the teacher

I'm a coffee loving, introverted, plant buying and dog hugging human, who loves to travel and taking the road less travelled.

I love that wedding days are love stories, wrapped into one day. I believe moments matter and enabling human connection has been something so close to my heart, and is the heartbeat behind every photo I take.

I turned a hobby into a side hustle into a full time gig, and I've travelled all across South Africa, capturing love stories.

I break down all my hard earned lessons for you, so you can grow faster and find joy and meaning in your work like never before.

I'm Lika

Photographer, Educator, mom-to-be.
I teach photographers to invite  connection into their work and build businesses they love.
You in?

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