So, you've been to a million
 photographers websites right?

 Why me?

Let's cut to the chase okay?

I'm not the photographer
for everyone

I'm all about the

The raw, real and AUTHENTIC MOMENTS that show the heart of who you are and your wedding day 

YOUR CONNECTION and backstory. What brought you here, what matters to you. Knowing more about you, helps me tell your story better.

Capturing the moments that grow WITH MEANING over time. The moments that matter (and they are rarely perfectly posed)

Capturing the moments that grow  WITH MEANING over time. The moments that matter (and they are rarely perfectly posed)

I'm not into those forced poses, not a hair out of place, awkward vibes.


the most memorable moments can't be planned.

But we're not models?

scratch that - we're awkward in photos!

I hear you!

I believe, in creating a space where you can be yourself.

You job, is to just 'do you'. My job, is to help enable human connection.

Beautiful photos are just the by products of 
meaningful moments.

So, if you're

into adventure, not afraid to get dust on your dress, and you don't mind the wind in your hair.

I just know we'll be friends

I'm loving the vibe


I'm Lika

Fur mom, Destination wedding photographer,  and business educator

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