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brenton-on sea

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My husband and I are so happy that we chose Lika for our wedding. She is so genuine, fun and she really pays attention to detail.

We had Lika and Gerhard (her videographer) at our wedding and we really felt at ease. They were not just there to capture our memories and go home but to enjoy the day with us and ensure we have fun and take in everything that is happening.We cannot stop looking at our photos and videos. 

If you're looking for a documentary style photographer that captures candid moments and real emotions on the day, I would highly recommend Lik.a.girl.

- Claudine & Pietman

The man behind the camera

Meet Gerhard,
my husband :)
The man behind the camera
He is meticulous, detail orientated, a super good dresser, best hugger - although that is reserved for me, and all round legend of a person.

 We've been married for 8 years, together for 11. 
He is my best friend,  and has walked with me through all the ins and outs of  building  this business. (wiping down the tears when it's hard and cheering when its good.)
So needless to say, he get's how important your memories are too, because together, we have many many memories.

So when you book us, you get two travel buddies,  best friends and team players, focussed on working together to gift you with forever memories.

I love that he 'get's it'.

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